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Apparel Storages

  • Posted on July 13, 2013 at 9:44 am

storageStorage is an essential constituent for the care and maintenance on our apparel. Apparently, this component also becomes a problem if we don’t have enough space for it and if the arranging of the clothes is not in proper ways. However, proper arrangement or storage of your apparel can absolutely prolong its life in your hand. At the same time, this can lessen your budget for your clothing if this is to happen. In addition, choosing the appropriate wardrobe (furniture for storing clothes) will help you to have enough area or space in your home; the shelf space is depending upon the quantity of clothes you need to store.

As we have observed in such apparel storages, some of the clothes such as cocktail dresses or even plus-size dresses are hung; clothes such as jacket, pants without hooks, handbags and heavy clothing are creased or flat. But before we decide what appropriate clothing to be hung, we must distinguish our clothing from alternate term (day-to-day basis) to the seasonal until special storages.

* Alternate Storage (day-to-day basis); this storage is consist of clothing that we usually wear daily. Well-organized wardrobe helps to lessen your time in choosing clothes to wear. It also extends the life of your clothes and still durable for you to use. Organization is the most essential for any storage you will do.

* Seasonal Storage; it consist items that are used in suitable seasons. Storage of this kind of clothing requires double care and some considerations. Just be sure that you had washed your wardrobe even once a year to lessen the odor of the old stock clothes. Jackets, plus-size dresses and heavy clothing are appropriate during winter, while cocktail dresses, high-low dresses and clothes that made you feel free are appropriate for summer to wear.

* Special Storage: If the seasonal storage requires double care and considerations, this special storage mostly needs much care, considerations, and clothing must well-organized. If this made you to wonder why I suggest this process of storing, I just wanted to remind you that this kind of clothing is just use in special occasions. Formal dresses such as evening dresses or party dresses must be hung carefully.

*In addition, don’t ever use wire hangers for this kind of dresses for this kind of hangers will rust and even it is coated with paint, paint will accidentally peel and can cause damage to your clothes. Herbs and fragrant odor add pleasant scents to your wardrobe. Through following these tips, it will merely help you to extend life wear and your clothing is still durable.